Please change your submission policy. Protect Artists and Creators

Apparently in your Submission Policy, you claim you can take whatever you want and use it however you please when it's on your site.

You know, that's kind of a bad idea to have. Especially since you're a hosting site. I recommend you correct this policy, because it's asking for trouble. Especially if you take something from someone and sell it without permission, but they own the legal copyright and/or trademark. 

I say this because, if you sell something without the express, written permission, on the conditions of the original owners/artists involved, you're likely to get your butts sued off. 

So, two options: Either you change and adjust your policies to protect your creators and offer them a deal when someone else wants to use their work....OR, in the future, you get one or more pissed off individuals that own copyrights/trademarks that you utterly stole out from under them and infringed on their rights, where they effectively, I don't know, sue you? Costing you more than you made? Hm? Does that seem worth it to you?

Because, you know, if you stole my works from me, I would indeed come after you legally. Hell, if anyone stole my work, I'd come after them in a legal sense. So...are you sure you want that policy the way it is? 

Unless there's something I'm missing of course.


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    You know those are there only to enable you to sell prints and so dA can print and send those to the members who bought them, right? Nothing else. 

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    To add to what Lily said, they need these permissions to handle the files you upload in various ways, like save them on their servers, convert and resize for thumbnails and the display size you choose, aso.

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    I am on deviantArt since 2007. dA has never disrespected their members' art in any way. I have never heard of such a case. It is nonsense.

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    Please fix deviantart it has been messing with my deviantations and I want you to do something about it NOW!

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    @HannahBro this isn't where you report bugs and issues

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