Speedbumps against rapid faving

Favebombing can't be stopped entirely. But there are some measures that could be taken to slow it down to a dull roar:

Do not allow a work to be faved from a thumbnail. Instead, require the viewer to visit the work's page (and view the work itself) before allowing a fave.

Impose a time delay of, say, 30 seconds, before a viewer can fave another work.

Apply a "fave-monster" tag, similar to the "core" tag, to users who have a high number of faves relative to the number of their own works, or to users who have many faves but no works of their own. And give artists the option to block all fave-monsters, without having to do so individually or having them count against the 500 block limit.

Allow artists to remove their works from a viewer's fave collection, without the artist having to go to the extreme measure of blocking the viewer. Artists can remove their works from groups, and they should be able to remove their works from fave collections, as well.

Give artists a "cannot be faved" setting for their art. Allow the artist to apply this on both an individual-artwork basis, and on a whole-folder basis.

As much as I would like to, I can't support any software-imposed method of enforcing "comment before you favorite." Any attempt at such a thing would be too easy to work around, and would just leave everyone annoyed.  

Also as much as I would like to, I can't support anything like "you cannot have more faves than you have posted works of your own." Again, it would be too easy to work around.


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    I'm not really liking the "fave-monsters" comment... Plus, a feature like this could be quite hindering. I don't want to wait 30 seconds between favourites just to add two drawings.

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    I'd support having the options to disable favs on my own work and getting rid of the faving from thumbnail system (too many accidental favs due to misclicks), but the other things are totally unnecessary and would probably have a much more nagative impact on the community.

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    imo the current timelocks/etc are perfectly fine. making people wait that long'll discourage them from checking out stuff overall.

    Not to mention that the 'fave monster' tag'll discourage people from being active, too, considering that there are people here on dA who don't have the time/ability to make a ton of art.

    This site's both one for art and by now a part social site. Cockblock people from being active with what's comfy with them'll just, again, chase 'em away.

    basically,.. yeah. if you'd like to help give folks more comments than just favs, start by commenting on more pics. Only way to change a community's to start doing the stuff yourself

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    THO will note, on the disable thumbnail fav, it'd be nice if that was a setting to turn that on/off - at most. Perhaps someone could make a new suggestion for that, considering this one's getting downvoted rapidfire?

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    The fav-monster suggestion is pretty stupid, imo. Taking myself as an example, I really don't fav a lot. I have less than 100 deviations but almost 500 favs. And that's only cuz I clean them out regularily. If I where to keep all favorites I make over the years, I'd be around 5000 now easy. Then there's also people that arn't artists of their own... DA is for "artists and art enthusiasts alike" after all.

    If you really want to take measurements against mass faving, a daily limit might make sense, or a per minute limit, like llamas. That might hinder fav bots. But ... probably not. They'll just slow down their scripts to not trigger the limits.

    Mind me asking why you want to remove your art from people's favs tho?

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    Can someone please explain how faving is hurting anyone?

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    I don't understand.

    If the notifications are a problem, I think it would be better to add a setting to disable notifications for certain activity. I don't think favorites are a problem.

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    I get shit-tons of stuff in my inbox from groups and direct watches every day.


    If I had to go to every single page to fave stuff when I'm going through my inbox like I do on Fur-affinity I'd be more inclined to give up.

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    I'm all for toggling +fav notifications and/or grouping +fav notifications in their own stacks (so you could better handle them in bulk).

    The idea of disabling or conditioning +faving is silly.

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