Which options can I control under the Edit Settings page?

To get to the settings page for your account, you will need to hover over your username/avatar at the top of any DeviantArt page then select "settings" from the dropdown menu that appears.

Public Identity

  • Avatar - Here you can upload or remove your avatar, your avatar is the icon that shows up beside any comments, deviations and news articles you post on DeviantArt. An avatar image file must be a 50x50 px PNG, JPEG or GIF image that is smaller than 15 KB.
  • Comment Signature - Here you can add a personal signature of your choice that will be added to the bottom of any comments or forum posts (viewable only to subscribers) you make on site. Signatures have a max character limit of 255 chars, general images and avatars cannot be added, but you can use emoticons in signatures.
  • Change Username - Here you can change your DeviantArt username if you are core member, which will change all instances of your old username site-wide to your new username. Your old username will also forward to your new username. Once changed to a new username, you can not revert to your previous username and you will not be able to change your username again for six months.
  • Literature Author Tag - Your author tag is the icon that appears on the browse page, and your gallery page, next to any poetry or prose submissions you upload to DeviantArt. An author tag image should be a 20x125 px PNG, JPEG or GIF image that is smaller than 20 KB.

Personal General

  • Personal Information - In this section you may select your Gender. You may also set an email address here, which you should always keep up to date as it is where all important emails will be sent, such as lost-password, verify emails, special site announcements and all order related emails. You can also choose to opt out or in to our newsletter in this section as well. To edit your email address please click the "Change email" link next to your current email address. In the event your Date of Birth has been reset by staff, you can also manage your Date of Birth here. Please note items marked with a star next to their fields will be displayed to the public, so if for example you do not want someone to know your real name you can set whatever you like in this field instead.
  • Change DeviantArt Password - Here you can change your DeviantArt password, make sure to choose a good password that no one else knows or can guess easily. Please read the news article entitled 'Account Security' , for further information about password security.
  • Regional Settings - In this section you can select the Country you are from as well as set your zip code, you can also select the Currency and Measurements for your Country, your time zone (plus set daylight savings).
  • Blocked Users - In this section you can manage your blocked users listing. You may block up to 500 users from your user page. To unblock a blocked user, simply remove them from your list and click 'Save'.
  • Miscellaneous Settings - In this section you can opt out of receiving comment drawings on your posts, message centre notifications for mentions, and being notified when you receive llama badges from other deviants.

General Browsing

  • Open Deviations - Zoomed Out or Zoomed In: When you visit the page of a deviation you can control whether or not you wish to see the fullview (Zoomed In) right away or the smallview (Zoomed Out) first. Show - Deviations with Mature Content: If your age permits you can select or deselect whether or not you wish to view deviations containing mature content.
  • Sitback Options - Auto-play SitBack slideshows: This toggles whether to automatically begin playing SitBack slideshows. Even with this enabled, not all SitBack slideshows start playing automatically.
  • Pageviews Display - See Pageviews: This toggles whether you will see other people's pageviews. If you decide not to, we'll let other people know that you don't care about pageviews when they visit your profile.

Comment View

  • Threaded: Displays comments in a flat style. If there are replies to comments, then a link will be displayed under the original comment saying (1 reply) or however many there are. To read the replies, you need to click on the link Nested: Displays replies to comments in an indented style.
  • Flat: Will display all comments in a flat style, aligned to the left side of the screen, replies to comments will also appear aligned to the left.


  • Signatures: This toggles whether or not you will see signatures attached to comments while browsing the site.
  • Image Attachments: This toggles whether or not you will see comment drawings. If you choose to hide them by default, you will be able to view them by clicking 'DeviantArt muro drawing' on any comment containing such a drawing. Otherwise such comment drawings will load and display right away by default.
  • Avatars: This toggles whether or not you will see avatars attached to comments while browsing the site.


  • Current Session - Here you can see which operating system, web browser and country you are currently logged in and using the website through. You can log out of this specific session.
  • Other Sessions - Here you can see possible other sessions that were initiated from another combination of operating system, web browser and country that you did not specifically log out of, which means they are still considered ongoing sessions and you can see when they were last active. You can log those out altogether or individually if you wish. To log out of all active sessions, meaning your current all others, just select the 'Logout' option from the header menu.


This tool allows you to deactivate your DeviantArt account. If you wish to do that, please read and follow the instructions very carefully throughout the process.

Apps & Uploads

Ways to Upload

  • Let me upload using Email: This lets you upload files via e-mail to your Sta.sh.
  • Let me upload using FTP (advanced): This lets you upload files via an FTP client to your Sta.sh. Simply connect with your FTP client of choice to ftp.sta.sh using your DeviantArt username and password.

Your Apps

  • Here you can see any third-party applications which you have authorized to access your account through our APIs. You can also revoke access from such applications here.

Core Membership

  • Beta Testing -DeviantArt Core Members are able to get a first hand look at new technologies and features in production by the DeviantArt technical team by choosing to become a Beta Tester. As an Official DeviantArt Beta Tester you will be asked to report any errors you experience while using the features and therefore help DeviantArt run as smoothly as possible. In this section you can choose whether or not you wish to be a Beta Tester. Please note, that if you are a Beta Tester, the new features which you have access to may not work correctly. This is the goal of the Beta Tester program, to allow you to share in the experience of bringing a new feature to the public.
  • Rebilling - Here you can disable a DeviantArt rebilling package.
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