How do I use the Browse interface?

The Browse feature provides many options with which to view all the various categories of Art here at DeviantArt.

To start, click on the “DeviantArt” logo, located to the left of the Search, at the top of any page. This will place you in the default 'Browse' page, where you will see Deviations from All Categories.

If you wish to browse within certain Categories, or Sub-Categories, simply use the Navigation Menu System, located on the left hand side of the Browse page, to select the desired type of Art that you wish to browse. If you wish to change your desired category, you may do so at anytime by clicking on 'All Categories' followed by the new category you wish to view.

When viewing deviations by "Newest" new artworks will appear in the order they have been submitted newest to oldest. As you scroll, and new pages are rendered, the deviations from the previous page you just viewed may be pushed down to newly rendered pages causing a "duplicate" effect. In the time it takes the new page of thumbs to load, other deviants have submitted new deviations to their galleries and so it will take the place of the previously seen deviations if you were to refresh the page.

When viewing deviations by popularity, another option appears; a selection to view popular deviations by time. The default view is within the last “All Time”, but also available is: "6 Hours", “12 Hours”, “24 Hours ”, "3 Days", “1 Week” and “1 Month”. Clicking on these links in the dropdown menu to the left of the search will order your Browse window to display Popular Deviations (within the current Category/Sub-Category that you are browsing) within that time frame.

If you have a Core Membership, you will also have the option to browse "Way Back".

While Browsing, clicking on any displayed deviation image, will take you directly to that deviations page. Clicking the Sub-Category name underneath any displayed deviation, will immediately take you to that specific Sub-Category.

At the bottom of the browse page there are links to advance to the Next Page of Deviations, or to the Previous Page (if you have already advanced to “Next Page”), if more Deviations are available to be viewed.

If you have a Core Membership you will also be able to change the amount of thumbnails you see per page, located next to the "Next Page" & "Previous Page" options at the bottom of the page.

The Search function is also available for use during Browsing. Simply enter any Search term into the Search Box, and click the “Search” button, and results will be displayed.

Please note that Browsing DeviantArt while not logged in your Browsing options will be limited.

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