What is SitBack and how do I use SitBack?

SitBack allows Core Members the ability to enjoy a slideshow of images in their gallery or favourites right on their profile pages.

Using SitBack

To use SitBack you must have a Core Membership. If you do you can install the Newest Deviations widget, the Favourites widget, a Gallery folder widget, or a Collection folder widget onto your profile page. Once installed you can edit the widget and chose the "Sitback Slideshow" radial selector button and save the changes to enable it.

Each widget can be set to show a Sitback Slideshow, so you can have multiple slideshows on your page! By default the slideshow will be paused when you visit a Core Members page if they have this feature enabled.


  • Click the play triangle in the bottom right of the widget to start the automatic slideshow.


  • Clicking the Back arrow paddle (far left "<") will take you further back in the show and clicking the Forward arrow paddle (far right ">") will take you further in the show. By default you will not see the back arrow if you are on the first deviation available in the show.
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