I entered my username and password correctly but am not able to login. Why?

In case you are getting a message telling you that "the cookie was not remembered", there is a chance that the system date on your computer is set incorrectly or you have cookies disabled. Generally it is the date problem, with the date set to months, sometimes years, in the future. Simply ensure your date is set correctly and, more than likely, your issues will be rectified.

If the login page just refreshes and does not log you in, please try logging in at http://www.deviantart.com/users/login. While logging in be sure to check the checkbox listed on the page. If you then receive a message about cookies, please try the following listed here, if you're certain the date is correct on your computer. If this does not rectify the issue, please make sure your firewall or antivirus program is not set too strictly.

In extreme cases your IP address may be blocked to ensure the safety of your account if our system sees that you are sending incorrect or out of date login tokens/cookies continuously. Please check your browser for Bots, Extensions, Userscripts or Bulk Image Downloaders and disable any that may be running. There could also be interference from the way in which your browser in general is handling changes and deletions to cookies or the browser’s cookie cache. Please see if deleting or changing the behavior of any of these possibilities in your browser resolves you login issues. The only way to sign in until your issue is resolved is via a device on a different internet connection.

Should you need additional information please email us at help@deviantart.com.

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