I can no longer see animations such as avatars and emoticons play on DeviantArt and possibly elsewhere. What could be causing this?

When this happens it is usually the fault of a setting not being enabled in Internet Explorer or your browser's cache being full.

Windows Users

Internet Explorer

  • In your browser's menu, go to
  • Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
  • Once there scroll to the section entitled 'Multimedia'
  • Next make sure the checkbox "Play Animations" is checked, if it is not you will want to check this
  • Once done click on "Apply" and then "OK"

In case "Play Animations" was already checked, you will want to uncheck and recheck it again and then click on "Apply" and "OK". If this still does not help, please try clearing your browser's cache.

My browser is not listed here. What do I do?

If you do not see your browser listed, please visit www.google.com and search for instructions on how to turn on animations in your Browser.

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