How do I take a screenshot for my Help Desk ticket?

You can send us a screenshot by selecting the browse button below the Help Desk Contact Form or by attaching it on an email reply to your ticket if you have already created one. You can also if you wish upload it to your scraps,, or an alternative image hosting website and then link us to the location of your screenshot in your reply.

Please Note the following:

  1. When sending us a link to your screenshot hosted on DeviantArt, do not use thumbcodes for linking your screenshot as thumb linking is not compatible with the Help Desk
  2. Make sure to save your file as a .JPG or .PNG only. We will not accept .DOC or .PDF screenshots.
  3. Make sure to include a full screenshot and not simply a portion of your screen. A full screenshot can provide us with clues that could lead to your issue being solved faster.
  4. Note that the Copyright and Etiquette Administration(CEA) cannot accept screenshots as proof of harassment or for evidence of policy breaking so please do not attach screenshots to CEA related tickets as they will not be valid as evidence.

If you are unsure how to take a screenshot please select one of the methods below that best suits your operating system.

For Windows users:

To take a screenshot of your current desktop, you will need to press the 'PRT SCN' button on your keyboard, this will copy the desktop layout to your clipboard. Next you will need to open your image editing software(such as Paint or Adobe Photoshop), once it has loaded you will need to create a new image, followed by Pasting your screen grab in to it(either by selecting Paste or pressing Ctrl V) and then save it as a JPG file.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can use a program already installed on your computer called Snipping Tool in order to create your screenshot. Please make sure when using this program that the whole screen is copied and not just a portion.

For Mac OSX users:

There is several ways to take a screenshot of your desktop.

1.) cmd+shift+3 - Will take a screenshot of your whole desktop
2.) cmd+shift+4 - Will take a screenshot of the area you select only

Using the above options will automatically save the image to your desktop, to put the contents on your clipboard, hold down Control as well.

If none of the above options are feasible for you, you can also use the "Grab Application", located in your Utilities folder.

For iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users:

To take a screenshot on your iDevice, simply press and hold down the Home and Sleep (on/off) buttons at the same time. The screen will flash white and you'll hear the camera shutter sound to signify a screenshot has been taken. The screenshot will be saved to your Camera Roll. You can then connect your iDevice to your computer and transfer the screenshot over to it.

For Android users:

There are a variety of screenshot methods of Android Devices. Due to the variety of devices we are unable to list all of them but what we have listed below are the most often used devices for DeviantArt.

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3

Press and hold the Home button and Power button at same time for a few seconds. The image will be stored in the sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Samsung GT-I9505 Galaxy S4
Samsung SM-G900A Galaxy S5
Samsung SCH i545 Galaxy S4

Press and hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time for a few seconds. You can also slide your hand across the entire phone to take a screenshot if you have this gesture enabled.

The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and saved in the Screenshots folder in Gallery App. To access this simply go to your Applications and find your Gallery App.

Google Nexus 5
Motorola Moto X
Sony Xperia Z
LG Electronics G2

Press and hold the Power and Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds. To view the screenshot open your Gallery app and then locate the Screenshots folder.

Motorola Droid Maxx

Press the Power and the Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds. The screenshot folder will be available by going to Apps>Files>Device Storage>Pictures>Screenshots

HTC M7 One

Press the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for a few seconds.

You can also hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap the home button on the screen. Please take care not to hold the power button too long otherwise the power dialogue box will appear on the screen.

The Screenshots folder will be available in your Gallery App.

My Operating System is not listed here. What do I do?

If you do not see your operating system listed, you can visit Google or YouTube and search for instructions on how to take a screenshot using your device/operating system.

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