I read in the 'Status Forum' that an issue was fixed but I think it's happening again. Why is this?

Please keep in mind that while the issue you are experiencing right now may have been mentioned in the Status Forum as fixed previously this does not mean that what you are experiencing right now is the same problem. For example when we have thumbnail problems this can by caused by a multitude of sources such as a slowed server, database lockup, a hard drive being full, or in worst cases a server being dead. Many of these issues are unavoidable and will happen from time to time. Issues can also be the result of conflicts from other fixes that were put into place.

If you find yourself experiencing an issue that was mentioned in the Status Forum as fixed quite some time ago(such as over a month) please go ahead and create a new ticket about this issue so we can be made aware of it. If the issue was reported as fixed within a smaller time frame such as 12-48 hours it's likely that the fix hasn't been synchronized yet so you may want to hold off on creating your ticket to see if your problem clears up. You can also try clearing your cache.

We try our best to make sure that the Status Forum is as up to date as possible and will announce when certain issues are fixed. Please feel free to Subscribe to our Status Forum and individual posts. For more information on how to Subscribe please see this article.

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