I am unable to post comments or send notes because the site informed me I was spamming. What is going on?

If you receive this message it is not a Bug or error, so please do not report it as such to the Help Desk as we will only be redirected to this FAQ.

What you are seeing is an intervention by an automated spam detection system that monitors commenting behavior.

These systems key off of several types of behaviors or situations which are common to spam bots and other scripts used for spamming and it is most likely that your commenting behavior, length or sending rate triggered the system.

Most commonly this occurs because you are repeating essentially the same type of comment at a fast pace which caused the system to treat you as a spammer.

When this occurs your only course of action is to have some patience and perhaps even take a walk outside.

Please note in severe cases the site will sometimes even inform you that you are forbidden.

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