I was told to make sure my cookies are properly enabled. How do I do this?

Cookies are not privacy invading, they merely allow a web site to remember something you have told them, for example, if you told DeviantArt your username and password by logging in, the information DeviantArt stores is that you successfully logged in. If you restrict that, your computer wouldn't tell DeviantArt what was stored, thus DeviantArt would assume you haven't logged in.

Windows Users:

If you are positive your browser has cookies enabled and you still cannot access the site, you may want to check that any Firewalls you may have or Anti Virus programs you have installed are not restricting cookies. If you do not have a Firewall or Anti Virus programs installed or are certain none of these are restricting your cookies you may wish to try deleting your stored cookies, as it is possible they're corrupt. To do this, please see: :faq645:

My browser is not listed here. What do I do?

If you do not see your browser listed, please visit www.google.com and search for instructions on how to enable your browser's Cookies.

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