What are DeviantArt's policies regarding Roleplay?

Roleplaying is defined as the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role or consciously to act out an adopted role. While DeviantArt does allow roleplay, there are certain restrictions around the kinds of roleplay conversations we allow.

We do not allow lewd, explicit, or sexual roleplay conversations. This restriction applies to public comments, comments on Sta.sh files, in chatrooms, or in notes. The following FAQ entries provide more guidance regarding these policies:


Additionally, DeviantArt does not allow underage characters to be depicted in nude, fetish, sexual, or otherwise compromising positions. DeviantArt does not make an exception for disclaimers, AU’s, or attempts to age characters. Pay very close attention to the canon age of a character you are roleplaying and do not participate in questionable scenes -- especially if a character is under the age of 18.


You are permitted to use more than one account for roleplay purposes, but should not use an alternate account in order to contact a deviant who has blocked any of your accounts.

Because DeviantArt bans users and not individual accounts, if you violate policies on one account, the ban or suspension will be applied to all of your accounts, regardless if they participated in roleplay.

Keep our copyright policies in mind when creating RP accounts, and ensure you have permission to submit images which you did not create.

DeviantArt staff will not become involved in regulating bad behavior -- such as godmodding, playing out of character, being rude, complaints of being a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, or any other form of 'cheating' within the RP. If you do not like the way someone else is playing a character, we suggest you use the block tool.

To report a conversation or role play which violates DeviantArt policy, please contact the Help Desk and be certain to include a link to the comment string where the roleplay took place.

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