What are DeviantArt's policies regarding DeviantIDs and custom profile images?

DeviantArt profile pages and journal skins pages may not contain any explicit nudity, racist material, hate speech or anything which would require a Mature Content Tag. Profanity and strong language is not generally regulated anywhere else within the DeviantArt community, and does not need to be reported.

Please note that this applies only to DeviantIDs, images in a journal and hot linked images displayed on customized profile pages. If your concern involves a submission to DeviantArt or Sta.sh, please use the Report Deviation tool. To report a profile which contains nude images that cannot be marked as mature, please contact the Help Desk. Be sure to provide specific information where the offending images can be found on the page.

If your work is being linked to on a DeviantArt profile, but has been uploaded to site that is not DeviantArt.com or sta.sh, you will need to contact the site hosting the image and request their assistance in getting your work removed. If your artwork is being used as a DeviantID without permission, please file a take down notice.

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