How can I modify the appearance and information of my artist store?

You can customize the layout and content of your artist store right on that page itself.

Simply click the 'Edit Page' button in the upper left corner of your Prints page and add modules from the 'Suggested Modules' over to the area that represents your store page, in which you can drag and drop them around to customize the layout. Click 'Add this Module' to preview it, then click 'Edit' to customize it to your likes, then 'Save & Preview' it to see how it will look. Click 'Add Now' or 'Cancel' to either add it to your page or not.

All modules support basic HTML text formatting and DeviantArt subscribers can also use DeviantArt specific formatting (shop/deviation thumbnail codes, deviant names and icons, emoticons etc.) to spice up their store even more.

It is important that you take great care in customizing your personal artist store because it reflects you as an artist to each of your potential customers.

Available modules currently include:

All Products
This is the default module and cannot be moved nor removed from the Product Area.
Here, all your available products are displayed in reverse chronological order, from last to first submitted/updated print.

Featured Products
Add up to 3 featured prints to the top or bottom of your Product Area.
These may be the artwork which means the most to you, or just what you believe will sell best.

Add an account of your life to your Shop Sidebar.
If there's a way to connect your artworks and yourself with customers in a personal yet professional way, it's an impressive biography.

Tell visitors how they can get in touch with you in your Shop Sidebar.
Potential customers may have questions regarding yourself, your artworks or the products you sell. Make it easy for them to contact you via e-mail, your personal website etc.

Make an impression with your education history in your Shop Sidebar.
Many consumers feel that an artist who has received secular education in arts has more valuable work. While this is not always the case, it is something to take advantage of when selling your craft.

Show off your awards and proclaim your talents in your Shop Sidebar.
If you are an artist who has received any kind of art related award, it is advantageous for your customers to know this. When you are honored with an award, your artwork has been noticed publicly by other people in general, knowing this causes your customers to have a more confident view of your art.

Custom (Subscriber-only)
Here you can put whatever is important to you and deem relevant for your store that none of the other Shop Sidebar modules cover.
For example, display a special feature, advertise a store sale or point out your best selling products.

Keep the above information in mind when you make use of these options. How you present yourself to your customers has a great effect on how well your artwork sells.

See also: :faq104:

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