If my print contains an image that isn't mine, can I still use it for print?

No, unless the image owner gives blanket permission in their journal or the stock deviation itself or the particular stock resources are submitted under a Creative Commons License that allows commercial use and modification of the work. Otherwise Prints needs confirmation from the original image owner before it can be used as a print in an image you create. Please have the owner of the image being used contact us via Help Desk confirming permissions to use the image. Artists' permissions can be sent via Help Desk tickets. Any stock resources used must be credited even if you used materials which are your own. If use of stock resources is suspected but no particular credits given, we will reject the print submission immediately.

If the stock image came from DeviantArt, then we need you to do the following:

1. Contact the owner of the stock image and supply them with a link to your image if it's already made. Otherwise ask them if you can use an image for a planned manipulation.

2. Have them open a Help Desk ticket with the following info:

Subject: Permission for "your devname" 

Body: The body of the email should include their deviant name, and the image which they are okaying for you. One of the biggest problems we get is people sending emails but only including their real name. Needless to say, this makes it a tad confusing.

It is recommended that you ask the stock artist to CC a copy of the permission email to your address so you know that it has been sent and you can verify it was properly sent to us.

Outside Stock- If you use stock obtained from an outside web source, you must provide us with the source. You can either email it to us, or include it in your description. You may also make use our sample permissions document, which you can download HERE.. Keep in mind; most stock sites are NOT royalty free when it comes to using the images for printing.

Please also see the following FAQs:

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