How do I vote in a DeviantArt contest or design challenge?

You must be logged in to vote on a DeviantArt design challenge entry. To create your free DeviantArt account, click here.

Only DeviantArt design challenges allow the members to influence choices through our voting platform.

There are two ways to vote on any deviation within the DeviantArt voting platform.

Option 1 - Voting on the Challenge Category Page

  • Hover over the challenge entry deviation thumbnail that you would like to vote on
  • Click the Grey "I'd Wear This" button that loads below the image.
  • To confirm your vote has been accepted, the button will turn green.

Option 2 – Voting on the Deviation Page for the Challenge Entry

  • Click the "I'd Wear This" at the top right of the deviation page under the "Add to Favorites" button
  • From this page you can also click the challenge event name in order to move back to the challenge category page and vote on multiple deviations at a time.
  • To vote on multiple deviations at a time, see Option 1.
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