Do I have to provide a Model Release to sell a print?

First, please read :faq252:

The DeviantArt Prints Staff reserves the right to reject any prints deemed to require a signed model release form authorizing the publication thereof.

If your print has been rejected for that reason, please obtain a signed model release form for each person shown in the particular work, edit your deviation to attach the model release form and resubmit the print for review.

We strongly advise you provide a signed model release where required for already approved prints as well as non-approved prints.

In order to submit a Model Release form follow these steps:

1. Convert the release form into a JPG, PNG or PDF file. This is easily accomplished by scanning the form and saving it as one of the appropriate file types.
2. Submit your finished work.
3. Browse to the deviation page of the newly submitted work and choose the option to Edit Deviation which is found to the left of the image thumbnail.
4. Click on the Edit button, which is a small pencil located at the upper right corner where the thumbnail is displayed, then click on Attach model release form.
5. Submit the document which you had previously converted to a JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
6. Save the changes.

The document will then be logged and attached to the submission. Only the appropriate staff members will be able to view this document so you do not need to be concerned about private or personal information being revealed to the public.

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