How do I submit print products?

Initial Steps

You may submit prints for existing deviations by clicking the 'Print Not Enabled (Submit As Print)' link on deviation pages, or by clicking 'Submit Print' in the Quick Menu, which can be found in the upper left beside your username. On that Print Submission Portal page, select the deviation which you would like to upload or update a print for and click 'Continue'.

When submitting a new deviation, you will be automatically directed to the print submission page right after. Submitting a print for your new deviation is optional.

Please note: If you do not wish to submit a print for your newly submitted deviation, simply click 'View deviation' or 'Submit a new deviation' or leave the page. Your deviation will not be submitted as a print unless you click 'Submit Print' at the bottom of the page.


Tip: Instead of uploading a smaller Deviation Image first and then a separate hi-res Source Image for your print, you may wish to upload a high resolution Print Source Image initially and use it for both your deviation and print. You may do this by choosing to let the deviation submission process resize your deviation image and enabling 'Keep the source file in this temporary area after the deviation has been submitted.', in which case we highly recommend you do NOT enable "Allow download of the original (full-sized) image." You can upload further Print Source Images to your File Deck either right in the Deviation Submission process or later on in the Print Submission process.
This guide may also apply to the following scenarios:

Setting up your Products

Use the product tabs along the top of the print submission page to navigate between all our available product ranges.

By default, the image you submitted initially for your deviation will be used as the Print Source for all products. The displayed preview thumbnails give a visual impression of your source image as the final product with the current Crop Tool configuration.

Note: By default, print images are set as crop to fit on products. We strongly recommend individually adjusting your images to your desired products to ensure no key elements of your image are cropped off.Click Adjust Image to scale, crop, select a matte color, or change source images if you want to use individual custom source images prepared for your desired items.

When uploading a new image, or even multiple images at once, you do not have to wait for the upload(s) to finish. You can simply close the Choose Print Source File window (also called "file deck") and go about adding further details and items while the file upload(s) continue in the background. You can return to this item later on to select and adjust the appropriate image.

You can Adjust your Image in several ways: The crop tool previews the current item and how your image will appear on the product. You can choose between landscape and portrait Orientation. You can select predefined crop and matte Presets. You can use the Scale slider to scale your image up or down to make it appear smaller or larger on the product. Using the selection rectangle you can crop your image. If your image exceeds the item format or your crop selection, you can drag it around to center a specific portion of it. Toggle Show Approximate Bleed to get an estimate on how your image may be cropped in production. Change the Matte Color (or border) by using the color picker and slider, or simply putting in HEX or RGB values if you desire to use a specific color.


Choose More Sizes for additional print ratios and dimensions for a product range.

Note: A green thumbnail warning message overlay would indicate that your source image does not meet the required minimum dimensions of the specific product size. You can simply click on such green thumbnails to quickly upload and select a larger image.
Regarding Wrapped Canvas Prints, please read the special product specs and requirements in the following FAQs:

Setting up special Products

For products with rounded corners, such as Mouse Pads, Magnets and Coasters, it is highly recommended that you Adjust Image so the round corners don't cut into important parts of your Source Image and Artwork. For that you may scale or crop your current Source Image and select a corresponding Matte Color or Change Source to upload and use a custom Source Image for the particular Item.

Calendars must consist of 14 individual images: 1 front cover, 1 back cover, and one image for every month, making that 12.
Please read: :faq698:

Summary of Products Selected

This section shows all products you have enabled to make available for sale with this deviation. Adjust the Prices at which you want to sell your items. The Base Price is the minimum cost of making the print (and the price you will be charged if you buy your own print). Your share of the sale price above the base is listed in the Profit column.

Choose one Shop Image as the default preview thumbnail for this print.

Product Information

Every print on DeviantArt is associated with a deviation. Your Print has the same title as its associated deviation.

Your Product Description will be displayed on the print product page. By default, your associated deviation's description is used as your print's description. You may change that to your desire. Providing clean and professional description is strongly recommended.
Note: Formatting and markup such as :devUSERNAME: or :iconUSERNAME:, as well emoticons, do not work in print descriptions and will display as plain text.
Product Keywords help people find your art products through our search engine in our Shop as well as on our main site. Use spaces to separate multiple keywords, e.g.: photo sky ocean blue ship

Add a Watermark to your print preview images to protect them from theft. The small thumbnails, hi-res print images and actual products will not have a watermark.

Print Submissions Agreement

Before you can offer a print for sale, you must read and agree to the Product Submission Agreement. Please read this agreement carefully because it contains all of the terms and conditions of your agreement with DeviantArt concerning the Print Program. If you agree with the terms and conditions after reading them in full, check 'I have read and agree to the Print Submissions Agreement'.

The Product Submission Agreement may be found here.

Final Steps

When you have chosen and adjusted all your desired products and provided all necessary information, click 'Submit Print'.
Note: It may take a couple of minutes for the system to process your submission before your products are available for purchase.
All of the information and settings you have provided can be edited at any time.


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