How should I design and submit a calendar?

When creating Calendars you are strongly advised to make use of the tips and information contained in this FAQ entry.

Technical Specifications


  • From :faq132:


      - Product size: 11x8.5 inches (=28x22cm)


      - Aspect ratio: 1.29:1 (landscape format only)


      - Required minimum print image dimensions: 1650x1275 pixels


      - Recommended print image dimensions: 3300x2550 pixels

  • From :faq298:


      Calendars require 1/4th of an inch bleed edge (safety margin) per side and 3/8th of an inch on the bottom. The bleed edge should be considered to exist inside the image itself. If you wish to add a border to your image, that is acceptable, but not required.

    In the case of calendars, the 3/8th of an inch on the bottom is reserved for the spiral binding. We highly recommend to make use of the full format, as long as elements such as text (copyrights, signatures, titles, etc.) or any other important parts of the image are not located too close to the print edge and in the spiral binding area.

If the above information seems too technical and complicated, please download our 'Product Templates' PSD or JPG packs which contain calendar templates with the design spec mentioned above.

Design and Layout

Our calendars are made up of 14 printed pages: 1 front cover, 1 back cover and one page for each month (making that 12 month pages).
Additionally, our calendars have an extra heavy protection backing sheet for safe hanging.

You, the artist, designs, creates and submits the artistic images for these pages, and our print lab prints the calendar elements on the back of these pages, which contain the years, months dates and days just like any ordinary calendar.

You are free to incorporate the year and month names in your artistic calendar page design, but we highly recommend you leave out the year for the sake of universality so your calendar submission can be used for any year, which would also save you the time and effort of updating your calendar(s) every year.
In fact, you are not required to actually design your calendar pages in any way - You can simply use your artwork without adding any calendar or layout specific elements. Full-page artwork calendars can look just as awesome as neatly designed ones!
Holidays are not marked in our calendars, to maintain universality for around the globe use.

The design of the front and back cover is entirely up to you, keeping the technical specs mentioned above in mind.
A calendar's 12 month pages should consist of 12 individual artistic images. The front and back cover can consist of or contain artworks already used within the 12-month set.

Product shots

:thumb24436745: :thumb60300027: :thumb60689275: :thumb107158678:

Feel free to browse the Calendars in our shop or check out more product shots if you need inspiration for your calendar design!


To submit a calendar, you only have to submit one single deviation to an appropriate category and then upload all 14 of the calendar page images in the print submission page's Calendar tab for this deviation.

When submitting Calendars, do not submit them to the Designs & Interfaces gallery, unless the core artwork itself would belong to that gallery or if your Calendar is a compilation of images from multiple mediums. Calendars should simply be submitted to the section the contained artwork would belong to. It's safe to assume barely anyone would think of browsing Designs & Interfaces when looking for an animal photography or fantasy paintings themed Calendar, just for example.

If you happen to have calendars from previous years still available for sale and they have the year put on any page, we strongly urge you to update or deactivate them all as well as the deviation/print title to reflect the correct (following) year, 2012 in this case. This will help prevent major confusion for your potential customers.


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