How do I upload my prints using FTP?

If you are using the Premium Subscription Print account you may use our FTP upload option by connecting to with your DeviantArt username and password using your preferred FTP program. We recommend setting the transfer method BINARY instead of Auto or ASCII. Once you have uploaded your print file to the FTP, it will appear in your File Deck from which you can select the file from the Deviation and Print Submission Process.

If you do not currently have an FTP program, you may consider obtaining and using one of the following popular freeware ftp clients:

For Windows:

For Mac OS X:

To learn how to upload images using Windows Explorer in Windows XP, please see this Windows XP FTP Flash Tutorial.

Please note that our prints FTP upload server is only temporary storage. Every midnight (Pacific Standard Time), any files older than 7 days will be automatically deleted. We strongly recommend keeping copies of your images on your computer.

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