What is the Wishlist and how do I manage my Wishlist?

The Wishlist is for you to list Prints or deviantWEAR which you at some point would like to purchase. The idea of having the Wishlist displayed on your user page is so that any members feeling generous could if they want to purchase any items on this list for you.

Managing Your Wishlist

To manage your wishlist, go to the My Wishlist page, accessible via the drop-down 'quick menu' next to your username, or the 'Shop' section of the 'More' menu, which is located next to the 'Search' bar. On this page you will see your current wishlist shipping address and a list of the prints on your wishlist. Here you can choose whether to display or hide the wishlist from your page, as well as remove items which you do not desire anymore.

Adding Items

To add a print to your Wishlist, you need to click on the 'Available in the Shop(Buy This Print)' link located to the left of the deviation or by clicking on the "Print Available" link under the deviation. You can then click the "Add to Wishlist" link in the menu located on the left hand side (currently, you cannot specify a certain size or finish for a product added to the Wishlist). To add deviantWEAR to your wishlist you will need to visit the item you wish to add and click on the wishlist link under the sizing options and price information.

After you add an item, you will be taken to your Wishlist page.

Removing Items

To remove an item from your Wishlist, simply check the boxes above the items you wish to remove and click 'Remove Selected Deviations' at the bottom.

Adding or Changing an Address

You can add or change the address to which you wish your wishlist items be shipped by selecting the "Change Address" link located at the top left of your Wishlist management page.

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