How are prints packaged?

The packaging method depends entirely on your order. For example, prints 8x10 inches or smaller will be packaged and shipped in a rigid cardboard "flat pack" envelope with "Photographs Enclosed, Please Do Not Bend." printed across the front bottom of the envelope. Prints sized 8x12 inches or greater must be shipped in a cardboard tube to ensure their protection during shipment. If you have an item like a mug it will be wrapped safely and shipped in a box. Items can be packaged separately and then grouped in a box for larger or varied orders. All are carefully packaged to avoid shipping damage.

Please note these guidelines are subject to change and at times, can depend on the order. For example, there might be a situation in which an 8x10 inch or 8x12 inch print would be rolled and shipped in a tube instead of shipped flat. However, in general, the aforementioned is the typical packing processes followed.

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