How do I settle a dispute?

Occasionally a dispute may arise between a buyer and a seller. The most likely issue will be a concern by the buyer that the download doesn't meet his or her expectations. This can be avoided most of the time with a good description of the content on the deviation page. The seller should accept responsibility for providing an adequate description and the buyer should accept responsibility for reading that description before deciding to make a purchase.

Buyers can request a refund within 7 days of their purchase using the refund button on the Order Details page. Sellers are provided with a streamlined method to provide refunds within thirty (30) days of the request made by the Buyer. Sellers should always consider issuing a refund in the case of a Buyer who is unhappy, however as a seller you are given the option not to issue a refund. Upon receiving a refund, buyers should return the digital file or provide the Seller with confirmation that the file has been destroyed. Buyers and Sellers should always behave politely toward one another.

In general, buyers should proceed at their own risk. Both the buyer and the seller should read the Terms of Use for the Premium Content Platform before using the Help Desk.

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