Can I run a lottery, raffle, sweepstakes or other random drawing or game of chance through my DeviantArt account?

Games of chance (such as raffles, lotteries and other random giveaways which require a payment to participate) and fraudulent activity are prohibited on DeviantArt.

Our principal concerns are to avoid the exploitation of members of DeviantArt, prevent unfair treatment of deviants who are solicited and pay to participate and avoid the appearance of impropriety from offers which are open to abuse as well as acknowledging the various, and varying, laws restricting or regulating the conduct of games of chance in differing parts of the world.

We encourage gift giving; we encourage trading points for art or art services; we encourage the solicitation of points as donations; and we encourage points used as prizes in contests of skill - - all of these when conducted fairly and truthfully.

Paid games of chance, however, solicit with a promise of potential reward and we have no adequate means to confirm that the “game” is conducted fairly or within the requirements of applicable law and because of these concerns we do not wish them to be run through your DeviantArt account.

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