Why can't I use credit cards or PayPal on Premium Content Platform and Commissions purchases?

The great benefit of using DeviantArt Points for Premium Content Platform and Commissions transactions is that revenues automatically flow through to the seller’s My Earnings account without involving the credit information of either the seller or the buyer. This permits a faster remittance of royalties to sellers and means there will be more content available that is attractive to buyers. DeviantART Points also encourage more affordable content. Sellers can set prices below the level required for a credit card purchase. For example, with DeviantArt Points the seller can set a price of 8 points or ten cents, which would simply not be possible with credit cards. It also allows DeviantArt to avoid site-wide implementation of credit card protocols and their proprietary API’s which can cause systems failure when implemented too broadly too quickly. For the future, as Premium Content and Commissions grow, we fully anticipate enabling credit card and PayPal purchases at appropriate transaction levels.

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