I wish to purchase a Gift Core Membership for another member, what should I know?

Making Your Purchase

      There is two different methods which will result in a successful Gift Core Membership purchase:

      1.) By visiting the profile of the user you wish to give a Core Membership, once there proceed by clicking on the "Give" button, followed by the link 'Give Core Membership', located on the top right. Finish up by following the steps on screen.

    2.) By clicking on Services, (located at the bottom of main DeviantArt pages) followed by the 'Gift Core Membership' tab. Once you have clicked the tab, simply enter the name of the member you wish to give a Core Membership to and proceed by following the steps on screen.


      When purchasing a Core Membership for another member you will be sent a confirmation email letting you know the Core Membership has been activated. The recipient will receive a similar email informing them of the Core Membership, the time it is for as well as the name of the member who gave them the gift Core Membership.

Note: You must have an up to date email address to receive confirmations. We cannot re-send confirmation emails since they're auto generated by the server at the time of purchase. The purchaser however can view and print out at anytime a detailed record of their order history by following the steps in :faq27:

Money Order

    It is possible to purchase a Gift Core Membership via Money Order, for more information please refer to :faq148:

Personal Information

    All personal information, such as your full name, credit card # and address will be kept private. The only thing the user will be informed of is your username.

Automatic Renewal

    Gift Core Memberships are not setup to automatically renew.
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