About Core Memberships

What are the benefits of a CORE membership?

You can see all of the benefits of committing to a CORE membership here.

What methods of payment can I use for a CORE membership?

DeviantArt offers a number of payment methods for CORE Memberships. The payment options are presented when you initiate your purchase of a CORE Membership. With the exception of gifts, CORE Memberships are automatically renewed prior to expiration and the payment method you use will be retained for the purposes of rebilling. Gifted CORE Memberships are one-time purchases which are not rebillied.

Credit Cards: DeviantArt accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
Pay Pal: DeviantArt accepts payments made with available funds in your Pay Pal account or through a credit card or bank account linked to your Pay Pal account.
Points: DeviantArt accepts Points from your Points balance.
Other Forms of Payment: We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but money transfers, money orders, personal checks and bank transfers cannot be accepted for the purchase of a CORE Membership.

Bank Fees and Charges: Because DeviantArt transactions occur in the United States all purchases are processed in United States Dollars (USD). If you are purchasing outside of the U.S., your bank may charge a currency conversion fee and possibly other fees if you make a purchase in a foreign currency. Please check the appropriate terms of service from your Bank for more information.

What is the difference between a gift and a paid CORE Membership?

All membership privileges are the same for both. A gift will expire at the end of the period of the gift. You will receive notices before the expiration and you will then have the opportunity to extend your CORE Membership on your own. If you purchase a CORE Membership it will be auto renewed and rebilled prior to its anniversary unless you elect to cancel your rebilling.

I have a gift CORE Membership and want to continue it.

It’s easy. Go to the CORE Membership purchase page and subscribe. You new period will start at the end of the remaining period of the gift.

What happens if someone gives me a gift CORE Membership when I already have one?

If you are enrolled in a rebilling CORE Membership and receive a gifted CORE Membership as well, the gifted time will add time to whatever billing period you are in at the time of the gift. The rebilling will resume normally once the gift time has expired and your CORE Membership will continue without issue.

I purchased a CORE Membership and wish to transfer it to another one of my accounts?


At this time it is not possible to transfer core memberships.

You may purchase a core membership in your new account and cancel your current subscription.

Cancel Subscription

Core Membership purchases may be cancelled and refunded if a request is made within 24 hours of initial purchase. If a cancellation request is made outside of the 24-hour window, a purchase cannot be refunded, but it can be cancelled.

If you need assistance with this, please file a Help Desk ticket.

I purchased a CORE Membership. Can I get a refund now?

We are sorry but under the DeviantArt refund policies CORE Memberships are not refundable. However if you made the purchase less than 24 hours ago either for yourself or as a gift and if the purchase was a mistake, please file a CORE Membership Inquiry at the Help Desk before the 24 hour period expires. You cannot get a refund under these circumstances, however, if you used the CORE Membership to change your username.

How do I cancel my CORE Membership and stop rebilling?

You can cancel rebilling of your CORE Membership at anytime. You can also go to your profile page, hover over your avatar and from the drop down menu select “Rebilling” under “Core Membership.” This does not cancel any remaining time left on your CORE Membership but it will prevent any further rebilling charges.

I cancelled rebilling with Pay Pal but Pay Pal is still trying to charge me.

Sometimes Pay Pal cancellation of rebilling requires visiting your account at Pay Pal. Please try the following steps:
Log into your pay pal account.

  1. Click “Profile” near the top of the page.
  2. Click “My Money”
  3. Click “Update” in the “My Pre-Approved Payments” section.
  4. Click “Cancel Automatic Billing” or “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions provided.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Care.

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