I paid for a Core Membership and it said my Core Membership is activated but I do not have all my features yet. Why is this?

This can happen for a few reasons;

1.) Some Core Membership features need to be enabled under your DeviantArt 'Settings' or 'Profile' pages. Please double check that you have done so.

2.) Some features are not retroactive and will not begin right away, for example this is the case with the "Recent Visitors" widget and will require you receive a visitor with their status not set to invisible before it begins registering visitors.

3.) There is a small server lag.

4.) Your browsers' cache needs to be cleared. Please try clearing your cache, to see if this is the case. :faq643:

If you find that some of your features are still not working after 4-6 hours, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk or contact payment-support@deviantart.com via e-mail.

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