Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?

Any person under the age of eighteen (18) may not legally be depicted nude, partially nude, or in any sexually provocative manner.
Specifically you cannot show the penis or vaginal area of any child of any age below the legal limit of eighteen (18); there will be no exceptions to this prohibition. Female children may be shown topless only if they appear to have not yet passed their second birthday.

Minors may not be depicted either explicitly or non-explicitly nude. This includes any angle of shot or possible viewpoint regardless of whether breasts or genitalia are visible or not. Infants under the age of two with a bare bottom showing may be granted an exception providing that the genital region is not visible but exceptions are not guaranteed.

In addition minors may not be photographed in lingerie or undergarments, in any bondage or sadomasochistic scene or manner of dress, in any clear sexually provocative pose or theme and may not be shown in possession of sexual toys, condoms, or any related “adult” materials.

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