What does DeviantArt consider to be a proper desktop screenshot?

The various screenshots categories which we provide here at DeviantArt are intended primarily for the submission of desktop screenshots. Unaltered, unedited screenshots of video games in-progress are allowed to be placed into your Scrapbook only.

Valid desktop screenshots are those which display your current wallpaper, your desktop icons, your taskbar, and preferably one or more open programs. Screenshots which have been cleared in a manner which leaves only the wallpaper will be considered invalid submissions to these categories and may in fact violate the DeviantArt copyright policy.

All users should be aware that the submission of plain or “cleared off” third party wallpapers, altered or edited video game screenshots, and still frames from television programs or motion pictures can be considered violations of our copyright policy. Likewise screenshots consisting solely of official video game artwork, artwork ‘found’ on other websites and any other material created by another artist can also be removed from this section as violations of our copyright policy if they do not possess the characteristics of a valid desktop screenshot as described above.

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