Model release forms? Do I need it? What is it?

A model release is essentially an agreement between the photographer and model which states that the model agreed to be photographed and agrees that the photographer is able to use the photograph as outlined in the document. Having a signed model release attached to your deviation is not a requirement, but the DeviantArt staff reserves the right to demand this type of documentation at any time without prior notice. You may attach one to your deviation voluntarily at any time.

Requiring a release is most likely to occur when we receive complaints concerning lack of permission for publication, when nudity is involved, and if the photograph enters our shop system for sale. We strongly recommend that you make it a routine part of any photo shoot to acquire signed releases and that you keep them on file.

If your deviation requires a model release to be attached you will receive a notice containing instructions. Failure to properly respond to a document request within thirty (30) days will result in the automatic removal of the associated photograph.

If you lack a standard release form of your own we have a model release form which is available in HTML and DOC format for use in conjunction with the submission of nude photography. You may always use your own document if you prefer.
In order to submit a Model Release form follow these steps;

1. Convert the release form into a JPG, PNG or PDF file by scanning the original.
2. Submit your finished work or browse to the deviation page of the deviation and choose the option to Edit the deviation.
3. Click on the small button with the "pencil" icon near the top right corner near the thumbnail.
4. Choose the option to "Attach" and then submit the document which you had previously converted to a JPG, PNG, or PDF format.
5. Save the changes.

The document will then be logged and privately attached to the submission. Only the appropriate staff members will be able to view this document so you do not need to be concerned about private or personal information being revealed to the public.

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