Is my deviation Mature Content?

  • Please be aware that we do not allow the submission of sexually explicit or pornographic content (images, literature or otherwise).

By tagging your deviation as Mature Content you are in essence informing a potential viewer that your submission contains material or theme which more sensitive viewers may find to be offensive or upsetting. Common subjects which are considered Mature Content are nudity, excessive violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, strong language, or ideologically sensitive themes. See below for explanations.

  • Nudity-Fairly self explanatory. While not all nudity requires a tag, if your work displays a penis, testicle, vagina, (female) nipples or anus you should assign this tag.


  • Sexual Themes-Use of clear sexual terms or references, including sexual based humor. This category may also cover images involving models in explicitly sexual poses or erotic scenes.


  • Violence/Gore-This refers to overtly bloody or violent imagery, generally associated with the horror and macabre genres, but could also pertain to photojournalism or written work. This should mainly be applied toward depictions of violence or gore etc, that are portrayed in a "realistic" manner as opposed to the zany or exaggerated cartoon violence.


  • Strong Language-Profanity, vulgarity, and otherwise coarse or offensive language. This particular mature content tag is always considered to be optional as strong language is not otherwise regulated anywhere else within the DeviantArt community


  • Ideologically Sensitive-If your work may be construed as offensive toward a person or group of people due to a religious, political, social or other belief please assign this tag to it. While DeviantArt does not allow the submission of hate propaganda or hate art we do recognize that often works motivated for political, religious or other personal beliefs can be seen as offensive by those holding opposing beliefs.

Pornographic and other unacceptably sexual themes continue to be prohibited despite the presence of this tag, as are certain other contents which have been judged unacceptable. Information concerning this is covered elsewhere in this FAQ

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