What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?

Original fan art are those works in which the submitting artist has done 100% of the work but the work itself depicts characters, scenes or other themes which were properly created by another creative person.

When creating fan art, which essentially copies from an established source, it is considered good etiquette to credit your inspiration. Please note that it may be considered unacceptable to precisely duplicate your inspiration by directly tracing or copying every single detail so that it is difficult to tell your work from the original, so please be certain to add your own personal touches and style.

DeviantArt will not print fan art in its prints program.

CAUTION: Fan art may be copyright infringement and you may be forced to remove it by the copyright owner who may also choose to initiate other legal action. Please consult our Copyright Policy. This Article may provide further information.

Fan art should not feature screenshots, official artwork, scans, copyrighted photographs, or similar items.

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