Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?

Works depicting the likeness of real children or fan art which concerns characters presented as being under the age of eighteen (18) in their original context are subject to several restrictions which are intended to disallow the sexual portrayal of children in the work.

Art works depicting the likenesses of real children, whether painting, sketch, or otherwise, may not depict any child over the age of two who is explicitly nude, nor can they be depicted in any sexually provocative theme or manner of dress.

Fan art of fictional characters that are considered underage or children in their original context may not be depicted with exaggerated breasts, buttocks, or genital areas nor may they be depicted in any erotic manner or in any sexually provocative scene or manner of dress.

Characters which have been portrayed as a range of ages in their original media will be classified as underage or not based upon their average age over the series. Attempts to "age" the characters in order to depict them in a manner which would otherwise be prohibited will not be granted any exception.

Artworks using completely original fictional characters which appear to be minors or children shown nude or placed into sexual situations will be judged by the DeviantArt staff based on the appearance, style and anatomy of the character and all other available information in order to determine whether or not the work will be acceptable.

Additionally works which depict any romantic or sexual relationship between a minor and an adult can be subject to removal without notice.

Please note that the above restrictions apply to active and stored DeviantArt submissions, submissions, PCP files, etc.

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