I was banned, is there anything I can do?

Account Bans and the Appeal Process

If your DeviantArt account is restricted by a ban or suspension for any reason your only course of action should be to contact the Help Desk and complete a Ban Inquiry. This process will enable you to ask questions about the reasoning behind the action and to appeal the action by stating a case for your unbanning.

You should not create, or log into any other accounts during a ban or suspension as this is considered an attempt to avoid the administrative action. The actions taken are targeted at the user of the account and not just the account itself and due to this fact any accounts associated with you as a user will also be suspended or banned. New accounts created during a ban or suspension may also have immediate action taken against them for the same reason.

Be advised that contacting the Help Desk does not mean that your account will be immediately reactivated, it merely means that your appeal will be heard and your case will be passed on to the appropriate administrative staff for review.

Note also that being abusive towards the Help Desk staff will not reflect well on your appeal and not all users will be granted another opportunity.

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