As the founder can I appoint someone to replace me?

It is possible for the current founder of a group to demote themselves to a different spot in the group and promote a new founder. If you no longer wish to be the founder of a group and wish to pass it along to another deviant here’s how:

    • Please visit the group page and select the member menu. This menu lists your name and avatar along the top bar next to the group’s avatar and name. When you hover over it will say "member" clicking this will give you a drop down menu.


    • In this menu please select the “leave the group” option.


    • A dialogue box will appear and ask if you are certain you wish to leave. Fear not, you can always join again if you wish to be a member.


    • After you accept to leave another dialogue box will pop up that will say:
      "Select Successor. You are the founder of this group. To step down, please nominate one of the group's administrators to take over the founder role. New Founder's Name:"
      Simply enter the username of the person you wish to make a founder, and click confirm!

This will send that user a message asking them to confirm that they will be the new founder. If this person declines you will remain the founder and will have to repeat the process for another user. If they accept this user will become the new founder and you will be moved to another admin role and can then leave if you so desire.

Please be aware that only another admin of the group can take up the mantle of founder. You will not be able to select a member or a normal deviant to be the founder, only group admins can be considered for the founder role. If you try to invite a non-admin to the role of founder you will receive an error message and will have to restart the process.

If the founder of your group has deactivated their account or has been banned, please contact the Help Desk as soon as possible with the name of the Group and the missing Founders name.

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