I’m an admin in a group but cannot perform administrative actions, why?

The beauty of the groups platform is that no two group has to be the same. Responsibilities and Roles can be changed at any time and updated to suit the group’s needs. The roles an admin plays in a group is left up to founder of the group. If you are not able to perform actions you believe you should have access to, please consult with the founder of your group and have them adjust the settings.
For example; your inability to vote on incoming gallery items may be by design, not a bug. This goes for all settings in the group. Please check with your group's founder to confirm the actions you are supposed to be able to perform before contacting the Help Desk with a bug report.

If you are the founder of a group and your admins are not able to perform actions you have given them the proper permissions to achieve please refer to :faq401:

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