Can any member of the group submit deviations to the group's gallery?

This functionality can easily be enabled. We've given all Administrators the ability to give out specific privileges to each membership level. Privileges can be adjusted in the "Manage Members" button on the "About Us" and "Admin Area" applications.

    1. Please go to your Manage Members page then select the class of user you wish to edit. These are located along the far left of the manage members page and list the Admin classes and the Member class.


    1. Once selected please locate the gallery section in the area to the far right, then click the link that reads "show all folders" and ensure that each folder is set to allow users to submit to it.
      If it is not then the users will only be able to submit to the featured gallery.


  1. Each Admin and Member class will need to be set individually.
    Only the class name that is highlighted will have the settings changed when you edit them.
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