What’s the difference between a group administrator and a non-administrator?

By design, each Group has administrative and non administrative levels.

A group administrator is part of the executive team that runs the group. Administrators are responsible for setting up the group, assigning member privileges, general management, and reviewing submitted content. The Administrators rule the roost, so to speak. Some of the additional Admin perks include accessing the Admin Area and receiving Groups activity within NEW Admin Message Centre folders. Within the administrator level, there are three sub-levels:

  1. 1. Founder: is in charge of the group. Each group has only one Founder.
  2. 2. Co-Founders: are the Founder's executive team.
  3. 3. Contributors: are the deviants that help run the group and contribute content like blogs, forum threads, gallery deviations, and faves.
  4. 4. (Moderators – Super Groups only)

A non-administrator can either be a Member or Watcher of that group. Groups can have unlimited Members and Watchers. A Member is a deviant that has the ability to contribute content, yet does not participate in the management of a group. A Watcher, identical to a deviant watcher, is a fan of the group and passively watches the activity of a group. A group can have an unlimited number of Members and Watchers.

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