How do I upload to my

You can upload to in a number of ways, here are a few ways you can add to your

Via "":


      If you were to visit the URL "

    " in your browser you will be taken to the main page. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so via our official remote authentication procedure. Just sign in using your normal username/email and password and you will see your page. From here you can either drag and drop your files from your computer to the blue space marked for upload in the browser or you can click the blue "Upload Files" button and select the files from your computer.


Via FTP:


      You will first need to ensure you have been granted FTP access. You can check this via

your settings

      page under the heading "Apps & Uploads". Once in your settings be sure to enable the "Let me upload using FTP" option. You can then open your favourite FTP program and instruct it to point to "

    ". You will then need to log in using your username and password and once that is finished you can upload files to your stash by adding them to your FTP client.


Via Email:


      To allow email uploads to your you will need to grant access via the "Apps & Uploads" heading on

your settings

      page. Once in your settings be sure to enable the "Let me upload using email" option and a unique email will be automatically generated for you that looks something like this: (You can even customize the second part of this email via the settings page)

    If you compose an email to this address the emails Subject will become the Title of the deviation, the email Body will become the deviation Description and if you attach an image or file this will become the deviation itself.


Via Applications:


    In the furture you will be able to upload via your favourite application! We currently have an API that allows developers to create mobile and desktop applications that link to your account. These applications will be available through what ever means the developer chooses to distribute them, and any issues regarding these 3rd party applications will need to be discussed with the developers of these apps. DeviantArt help staff will not be able to assist you with any unofficial applications.

Please keep in mind that anything added to your is not automatically posted to your DeviantArt gallery. Your will only store (or rather stash) your deviations until you are ready to submit them publicly.

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