What rules apply to the Chat Network?


:bulletred: General Chat Network Policies :bulletred:

Keep It Legal

Acting in an illegal fashion or discussion of illegal activities is not allowed. DeviantArt is not responsible for anything you say or for any consequences that may arise from your words and actions. Those that break this rule will be the one's held responsible, not DeviantArt.

Asking for or providing assistance in obtaining pirated software or media is not permitted. Neither is the use of the Chat Network to circulate or distribute defamatory, obscene, sexual, or other illegal material, text, or images. The use of the Chat Network for chats relating to illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited and requests for help with self-mutilation or suicide will not be tolerated.

Also please note that the use of dAmn to link to external web pages that violate these rules is strictly prohibited.

No Thanks, We Don't Want Any

The Chat Network is not to be used for commercial purposes without the consent of DeviantArt, Inc. (this does not include the promotion of on site prints in appropriate channels). This includes spamming or advertising for outside companies.

Accept Responsibility

You are responsible for anything you say while you use the Chat Network, and for protecting your own system. You are responsible for any actions you take based on information you receive online. Use your own judgment when evaluating information provided through the use of the network.

Please don't give out personal information like passwords and credit card details online.

:bulletred: Official Chatroom Rules :bulletred:

General Information

All Official chatrooms are supported and moderated by the Community Volunteer Team. Official Chatrooms are denoted by the small Fella icon listed next to it on the main chat page. Generally speaking, #help and #devart are the only Official chatrooms on the network and follow the same policy as DeviantArt's Etiquette policy.

Abusing Public Communication/Spamming

Avoid spamming or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) in an official room. We ask you not to do this as it disrupts the flow of chat for other users.

The posting of unsolicited advertisements for DeviantArt profiles, chatrooms, deviations, external web pages or large random copy / paste of texts is also considered spamming. It's rude to ask everyone to visit your page or website, also, large amounts of text are disruptive to the flow of chat.

Harassment/Inappropriate Language

Inappropriate language can include any language that in any way looks like, sounds like, or abbreviates any of the following: profanity, sexual content, explicit language, inappropriate references to sexual preferences, or offensive remarks (such as racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual).

We may remove anyone who advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racist, or hatred as we see fit.

Actions that either incite or encourage others to violate these and other policies will not be tolerated.

We encourage our members to treat each other with respect. Do not threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse others.

Other Things To Note

We expect the mood of rooms to remain civil at all times. For this reason we ask that you keep personal issues in private and that you not use official rooms as a place to fight and argue. If such an event should happen then an Community Volunteer will step in and take whatever action is deemed necessary.

Because this a global community, people of many nationalities and languages can be found in the chatrooms. To help the DeviantArt staff, all official chatrooms are English speaking rooms only. This is so that we can moderate the rooms and help people where necessary to the best of our abilities. However, there are many unofficial channels which are multi-lingual for your use.

Moderation and Bans

Bans are set at the discretion of the Community Volunteer setting the ban. The minimum period for any ban is 1 day (24 hours) and can be anything up to indefinite. If you have a query about a ban in an official room then you can inquire about it through the Help Desk.

The creation or use of existing accounts for the purpose of ban evasion is not tolerated and will result in the extension of the ban period, as well as a possible ban on all alternate accounts from the Chat Network and DeviantArt itself.

:bulletred: Unofficial Chatroom Rules :bulletred:

General Information

In general, administration of an unofficial, user-created chatroom is left to the founder and moderators that the founder chooses. The Community Volunteers will not get involved in Unofficial rooms except under certain conditions.

All unofficial chatrooms are the personal creations of other deviants. The rules and regulations of these chatrooms are set by the founder and their moderators. Any abuse which may occur in an unofficial chatroom should be reported to that particular chatroom's founder and moderators - it is their responsibility to maintain the order of their room.

Community Volunteers will only take action in unofficial chatrooms in cases of extreme abuse, violation of DeviantArt's general Chat Network policies, or where the integrity of DeviantArt or the Chat Network is at stake. Please contact the room's founders and moderators before seeking to involve the Community Volunteers. If you experience extreme forms of harassment in a user-created channel, please notify a member of the Community Volunteer Team in the #help chatroom.

When taking action in unofficial rooms, the Community Volunteers will always use DeviantArt policies as a guide for suitable action.

Unofficial Chatroom Content

The Chat Network is for everyone, and we welcome you to create a room for almost any reason you like, whether it be for music discussion, to find people in your area, or to trade art and photography. However, there are a few types of rooms that we do not allow:

  • Sexual Themes: We do not allow deviations of an explicit sexual nature on DeviantArt, and so we do not allow rooms that are for the discussion of explicit sexual topics. The use of rooms for "cybersex", sexual roleplay, or the acting out of sexual situations, is also not allowed.
  • Self-Mutilation and Suicide: Rooms for the purpose of discussing or glorifying the practice of "cutting", or any type of suicide and self-mutilation are not allowed
  • Warez/Cracks/Serials/File Sharing: We do not allow any room created for the purpose of distributing or encouraging the distribution of illegal software, serial numbers, or cracks.

Users who create a room that violates any of the above policies will have their room closed, and an appropriate punishment, which can range from a warning to a Chat Network ban or site-wide ban. If you are not sure if your room falls within the guidelines, please feel free to talk to one of the Community Volunteers.

The above list is not all-inclusive, and there may be situations where a room violates the etiquette policy in another way. In these cases, the Community Volunteers will make the final decision regarding the room. If your room has been closed, you may contact Help Desk to file an appeal, and the situation will be investigated. However, please note that we will only discuss Administrative action regarding channels with the Channel Founders.

If you find a chatroom that is violating policy, please use the Help Desk to report it or contact a member of the Community Volunteer Team in #help

Custom Group and Chatroom Names

In order to avoid confusion between your private #chatroom operators and actual DeviantArt staff and administration, we require that you do not use the term "Staff" or "Admin" in reference to your private chatroom or your operators or founders.

Whilst we encourage you to be imaginative and creative with your approach to operating custom chatrooms, we would ask that you follow these simple guidelines in order to prevent any misunderstandings or misrepresentations on the network.

If your chatroom has a level which is named Staff or Admin then please rename this in accordance with these guidelines. If your channel is found with the titles Staff or Admin in your privclass levels, you will be asked by a member of the Community Volunteer Team to rename the level accordingly. Your channel may be delisted until this has been completed.

Also, please do not create chatrooms with "Staff" or "Admin" in chatroom name.

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