How do I upload a collection of images or files, such as brushes, wallpapers or other?

To do this you can use a program such as WinZip or WinRaR or other archival software. Once you have chosen your software of choice simply select the material to be archived and then follow the steps listed on screen. Be sure to save the file to a place where you will easily remember it for later use.

Once in the submission process, simply upload the .zip, .rar or other archival format from the location you saved it to, as you would a normal image. The submission process will recognize your file and then ask you to supply a preview image. Upload the preview image you have prepared and then fill in the rest of the submission details as normal.

When the work is submitted, the preview will appear as the submission image and the .zip, .rar or other archival format will be available as the "download file" link.

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