What is dAmn?

dAmn stands for DeviantArt Messaging Network - which is comprised of both the Chat Network and the Forums.

Moderation, events and support on dAmn are provided by a team of Community Volunteers (CVs), who are denoted by an next to their user name.

Be sure to become a member of :devcommunityrelations:, the Official Group for the Volunteer Team, to keep up-to-date on all the latest news!

The Chat Network

The Chat Network is comprised of large number of chatrooms, some of which are official chatrooms operated by DeviantArt staff and volunteers, whilst others are created and operated by users of our community. #devart and #help are the main chattrooms that are officially moderated by the volunteer Team.

:bulletred: - #help provides real time on site support. Please note, however, that this chatroom cannot provide you with any assistance in subscriptions, print orders or print account assistance.

Any user created chatroom falls under the guidance and moderation of the Founders of that chatroom, regardless of whether an volunteer has Operator rights in said chatroom. Volunteers will only intervene in disputes and altercations in unofficial chatrooms should they involve a breach of DeviantArt policy, or if we have received a request from a Founder within that chatroom.

You will often find volunteers in custom chatrooms, this may be that they are a member in that chatroom, or that they are reviewing your chatroom for inclusion in our featured chatrooms. It's nothing to worry about!

Volunteers regularly select a number of custom user-created chatrooms to be featured. We feature chatrooms that are running smoothly and providing a welcoming environment.



The Volunteer Team also provide moderation in the Forums. You'll find all sorts of topics and conversations going on in there - some of the more popular forums are:

:bulletred: - The Deviants Forum - the place for general forum chatter and a fair bit of crazyness.
:bulletblue: - The Music Forum - From JS Bach to Justin Beiber, you're sure to find someone in here claiming they have the best playlist, or are the biggest fan!
:bulletred: - The Complaints Forum - Want to moan? Here's the place to do it!


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