Are there any rules for the Forums?

As part of dAmn, Forum moderation, events and support are provided by a team of Community Volunteers (CVs) and DeviantArt Staff. We reserve the right to close any thread in violation of Forum rules. Once a thread is closed, please do not repost the thread. If you believe a thread violates policies or a thread was wrongly moved or locked, please contact the help desk.

:bulletred: If you require help with DeviantArt, please do not post a thread in the Forums as this may lead to incorrect information being spread. Threads asking for help will be closed and you will be re-directed to this thread which contains information on where you can go to for answers.

:bulletred: As each forum has a specific purpose, there may be additional rules that apply. These are listed in the Sticky Threads ('Please Read Before Posting') at the top of every forum which should be read and understood before posting a thread.

Forum Etiquette

We know that DeviantArt is a global community of artists; however, to ensure the Forum is properly moderated and accessible to all, please post in English only. If you wish to communicate in another language, your personal journal or personal forum (Core Members only) would be more suitable.

:bulletred: Sexual Discussions: Threads involving sexual subjects or topics (such as emphasis on genitalia or graphic descriptions of sexual acts) are not appropriate and will be subject to closure. Please consult the FAQ 506 for more information: :faq506:

Please keep in mind:

  • Thread titles should be relevant to the content in the thread.
  • Excessive CAPS and symbols (e.g. !?#&;~*), and 'decorated' text that distort the Forum page, should be avoided.
  • If there is an active thread, please post your comment there instead of creating another on the same topic.
  • Intentionally bumping your thread by posting a comment so that the thread is 'bumped up' to the top of the page is not allowed.

These things are discouraged and may result in your thread being locked. You can lock your own thread by clicking the 'Close Thread' link below the share buttons on the right-hand side of your thread: :faq709:

Forum vs Personal Journal

The Forum is a public place for discussion, therefore, threads should encourage other members to share and take part. Posts that do not encourage discussion or community spirit, are irrelevant to the Forum you are posting in or threads that depend on prior knowledge about you or your life are not suitable for the forums. Posts which aim to "call out" or target users for abuse are also not suitable for the forums.

Some examples of topics that would be better placed in your personal journal are:

  • Personal Promotion: Links outside of DeviantArt, Publications, Funding Drives (e.g. Kickstarter), etc. For feedback/showcasing art on DeviantArt, please use the Thumbshare Forum.
  • Art Search Help: If you do not remember the name of the artwork or artist, our search engine is available (:faq577:) alongside other internet search engines.
  • Personal Study Help: Including Homework and assignments.
  • Role-Playing: Your personal journal, personal forums (Core Members Only), or :devchat: rooms are more suitable places for role-playing or role-playing partner requests.
  • Donations: Posts asking members to donate points and/or cash.

Useful FAQs:

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