1. 1.) Log in to your account at www.enom.com


    1. 2.) Select My Domain from the drop-down menu on the Domains tab


    1. 3.) On the Manage Domains page click the domain that you'd like to use to host your Portfolio


    1. 4.) Click Host Settings


    1. 5.) To add a CNAME record, click NEW ROW


    1. 6.) If you've already created a CNAME record for the address such as www, simply edit the existing CNAME record


    1. 7.) Enter an alias name that you would like to use such as Portfolio or Photography. This will be the subdomain that you point to your portfolio as in portfolio.yourname.com


    1. 8.) Input hosted.daportfolio.com as the host name


  1. 9.) By clicking Save your CNAME should now be configured and should be pointing to your Portfolio. Please note that CNAME changes are not immediate and may take a few hours to propagate. You will still be able to view and edit your portfolio through the portfolio management page
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