How do I submit art?

You can begin the submission process from any page by clicking the "Submit" tab in the header when logged in. You can also go here to submit. If you're in your you can submit using the "Submit to DeviantArt" button on any Sta.shed item.

Upload your Files

You can upload your files individually as you submit on the submit page, or in bulk using your

On the submit page you can add files using the "Choose a file to upload" button, add text using the "Add text" link, or select an item from your

On you can select or drag and drop multiple files at once to upload in bulk, where your files will be stored until you're ready to submit them. You can also configure email or FTP uploading. For more information see What is

Publish Your Deviation

Here you can find options for uploading your file, preview images, permissions documentation, sizing and more. You must also set your Mature Content settings here.

Below this section you are also able to add your title, description and keywords for your deviation.


Here you can find options to enable free downloads, or to generate earnings by selling Prints or Premium Content downloads.

Select Category

Every deviation must have a category associated with it. You can use the drilldown options or search to select a category that best fits your deviation.


In Gallery and Group Options, you can specify which groups and gallery folders you would like to submit your deviation to. To submit to groups you’re not an administrator of, you can use the submit to a group option on your deviation page after you submit.

In Publishing Options, you can specify whether you would like to enable social sharing buttons on your deviations, enable or disable Critiques and comments, and select the license you’d like to submit under.

Remember My Settings

By default, DeviantArt will remember the settings you use when you submit, so you don’t have to re-select options each time you submit. This feature will save all settings on your submissions with the exception of title, description, keywords, and category.

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