How do I post thumbnails of my art on the Chat Network or Forums?


Thumbnails on the Chat Network or Forums

Thumbnails of your deviations can be posted in chatrooms where the owner of the chatroom has enabled that privilege.

To post a thumbnail, open a deviation from your gallery. On the right hand side under the deviation, you will notice sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Beside that is an arrow pointing down. Simply click that to reveal the thumbnail code. Copy the code which is in the box and paste that into the chatroom where you normally type.

You can also simply drag-and-drop a deviation into the chat window which is in your Collection(s) by using the Collection dropdown button.

To post a thumbnail of a print:

You need to use the :shop#: notation, where # is the number of the print in which you wish to display.

For instance, if you view a print you will notice a number at the end of the URL, for example To display this print in thumb form you would simply type :shop104506:

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