How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

There are a few formats you can use, either a link of the users name, displaying the members avatar, or by linking with a personal description.

Avatar linking

:iconusername: will display the member's or group's avatar as a link to their page. Remember, however, that the limit for posting blocks of avatars is sixty four per post, and this will not work in signatures.

Username linking

:devusername: -or- @username will give you the member's or group's name as a link.

Text linking

There are HTML tags which can be used to add a link to something everywhere on DeviantArt. The standard link will show the first part of the URL truncated by an ellipsis (…). This is achieved by simply pasting a URL to the page, For example, view one of your images, copy the address down and then just paste it wherever. The second method is to use HREF tags (which will NOT work in the shout box) to give your link a name, for example, copy the address to the image down, and then use this format:

<a href="Image URL address">Name of Image</a>

Image linking

To link images in your journal please follow the code here, and replace the URL Address and Image URL Address with the proper information:

<a href="URL address"><img src="Image URL address" alt="Name of Image" /></a>

Deviation linking

To link to images found on DeviantArt in your journal please visit the deviation page and in the sidebar to the right under the "share" or "details" header please copy the code that starts with ":thumb:". Once you have copied that :thumb: code you can paste it in to your journal and it will automatically generate a thumbnail image for that deviation when the journal is displayed on site.

Media embedding

To embed a media widget please use the following code:

<da:embed profile="video type" id="ID of the video" />

For example:

  • dA Film:
  • YouTube:
  • Vimeo:
  • Soundcloud: (Note: That ID is the number after /tracks/ in Soundcloud's own embed code)

Pop up descriptions (tooltips)

You can also add popup descriptions with a dotted underline to your links by using the <acronym> tag, and close using the </acronym> tag, the format for this is the following.

<acronym title="popup text"><a href="link Url">link description</a></acronym>

So the following command:

<acronym title="Read it, learn it, love it."><a href="">DeviantArt FAQ</a></acronym> would result in the link, DeviantArt FAQ

If however you wish to use this code without a dotted underline then you need to use the following code below.

<a title="Read it, learn it, love it." href="">DeviantArt FAQ</a> which would create the link, DeviantArt FAQ

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