How do I use the Community Footer found on main DeviantArt pages?

The Community footer is a collapsible footer found on the bottom of main DeviantArt pages. It contains several features including your Channels, The Journal Portal, the official dA Poll, the DeviantArt definition and social links, and Deviousness.


Your Customized Channels stream is at the very top of your Community Footer. It will change randomly from page to page to a different Channel . If you wish to view a particular Channel you can select one of your Channels in the drop down after the text "You are viewing". You can also use the up and down arrows to browse your Channels. In order to head to the main Channel page you can click "All Channels" and if you click "Browse", it will take you to that particular Channel section. If you do not wish for your Channels to appear in the Community Footer you can select the "Hide" button in the top right corner of the Community Footer. You can click on the button again and the Channels will pop back up.

The Journal Portal

Randomly displayed popular news articles from the Community Journal Portal.


This poll is the Official DeviantArt Poll. Most Polls concern you the Deviant or are about DeviantArt itself, but sometimes polls are created to be humorous and fun. The Official dA Poll works just like journal polls, you can vote, see the results, and leave comments.

DeviantArt definition and Social Media

In this section you will see a brief description about DeviantArt as well as links to where to locate us on other social media websites.


Deviousness is an award of recognition given out once per month to a community member who has gone above and beyond the norm. The people who receive it define the ideal of certain aspects of what we all as deviants should strive for. Be it artistic excellence, insightful critique, initiating community events or shaping the direction of the site itself. They are recognized for a multitude of things, but the main thing they are recognized for is that without them this site would be a very different place. You can view and read about the latest person to have received deviousness here.

If you do not wish to view the Community Footer you can click on the down facing arrow button on the far right in the upper corner of each footer section.

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