What are the limits for Thumbnails and Emoticons?

Thumbnails can be added manually via :thumb: codes or via the Add Media feature. Limitations are in place for various areas across the site on how many thumbnails can be placed and whether or not it's for Core Members only or for all.

Emoticons can also be added manually via special codes or via the Add Media feature. These also can be used in various locations across the site and have limitations. In addition to official DeviantArt emoticons, Community Emoticons are listed in the Add Media feature, in the emoticon tab directly underneath the official emoticons. These are emoticons submitted by the community to the Emoticons category. Unlike normal thumbnails, Community Emoticons can be used by everyone.

Everyone can have up to 200 thumbnails and 300 icons in their journal and official emoticons added through the Emoticons tab of the Add Media feature do not add to this total. Community Emoticons listed underneath the Official Emoticons are limited to 300.

The ability to place thumbnails in comments are limited to a maximum of 5. All members can add Official and Community emoticons to their comments without limit.

Deviation Descriptions:
The ability to place thumbnails in deviation descriptions are limited to Core Members and is limited to a maximum of 6. In addition emoticons placed here are limited to 150.

Profile Widgets:
Each profile widget is limited to 200 thumbs, 300 icons, and 300 emoticons. Please be advised that excessive thumbnail and emoticon usage across your entire profile page can cause accessibility problems for some deviants on slower connections.

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